Auto Tinting Samples

To ensure our product meets your standards, we only use the highest quality materials that are backed with a PREMIUM lifetime warranty. Our brands of choice are Solar FX and SUN TEK films. All of our installations are done in one piece, No two piece windows with ugly seams. We strive for perfection by utilizing all the latest techniques to the trade. Give us a try and you won't be disappointed. 

​Mercedes Station Wagon at 15%

​350Z ​with SolarFX Ceramic tint

​Clean 15% tint job on this little guy

​Tinting this Camry today at Kaotik

Audi tinted in 15% Ceramic and 35% Ceramic windshield 

​SolarFX film on this Ford Fusion

35% windshield and 15% sides and back

15% front two doors and Air80 on the windshield

15% Ceramic and 35% Ceramic windshield