Window Tint

To ensure our product meets your standards, we only use the highest quality materials that are backed with a lifetime warranty. All of our installations are done in one piece. No two piece windows with ugly seams.

Why should you choose KAOTIK KUSTOMZ?

  • We only use the TOP brands in the business for car tinting, SUN TEK FILMS and SOLAR FX FILMS.
  • We only use high quality products during your installation process.
  • We offer the lowest price in town. We will price-match with any other business in town that offers the same quality services and products.

​How dark should you tint your ​​windows?

Window tint allowing 50% light

Window tint allowing 35% light

Window tint allowing 20% light

​Window Tinting Services Completed by Kaotik Kustomz

​​Pricing for Window Tint Installed:

Auto Tinting (CARBON FILM ONLY):

1 driver/passenger window: $49.99
2 front windows: $99.99
2 door coupe: $199.99
4 door sedan $199.99
Wagons and small SUV’s: $249.99 (ex. Honda CRV, Lexus RX, Ford Escape)
Full size SUV: $289.99 (Ex. Chevy Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Sequoia)
2 door pick up truck with 3 windows: $174.99
2 doors pick up truck with 5 windows: $199.99
4 doors pick up truck: $199.99
Visors strip on front windshield: $49.99
Sunroof: starting at $39.99
Front/rear windshields starting at $119.99
Corvettes, Firebirds, Trans-Ams: $289.99
Collectors and classics: Call or Email for pricing
Dealership, Fleet Vehicles or Multiple Vehicles: Call or Email for Pricing. For Ceramic film please call for pricing.


1 side window: $20.00
2 door coupe: $100.00
4 door sedan: $110
Rear windshield: starting at $75.00

Auto Headlight / Taillight Tinting:
Headlight Tinting
Starting at $99.99 Installed

Taillight Tinting:
Starting at $99.99 Installed

*Prices will vary on size of lights and number of lights.*

Mobile Service Fee:
We also provide a mobile service starting at $99.99 plus added to your service(s). For our mobile installs you must provide an enclosed area for us to work and tint out of. For best results a CLEAN temperature controlled garage or warehouse is ideal. We CANNOT tint out in an open area or parking lot. This is due to giving you the best installation possible.

Auto Headlight / Taillight Colors:
35% Smoke Black
20% Smoke black
Hyper Yellow
Crystal Blue
More colors coming soon
Check out our Car Tinting for examples



Auto Tint Percentages:

15% Factory on most trucks, vans, and SUVs
5% Limo Tint (extra fee)

*Lifetime Warranty*

 CERAMIC Our most popular line!
35% Legal limit in Indiana
20% Best seller!
5% Limo Tint (extra fee)

*Lifetime Warranty*

We do NOT offer the cheaper lower lines of film you see advertised everywhere. These are tactics to get you in the door and upgrade you to Carbon or Ceramic by telling you they will fail in 1-5 years. Our films have a Premium Lifetime Warranty.

The Carbon tint is the second best for heat rejection and blocks out more heat than the metalized or dyed films and will not interfere with any of the cars reception or navigation like a metalized tint might have on some vehicles.This has a layer of Carbon to enhance its capabilities.

The Ceramic tint is the newest and best in heat and IR rejection utilizing a Ceramic layer in the film making process. This increases rejection unparalleled to any film on the market today. It does cost about twice as much as the Carbon film.