Remote Starters

We sell the TOP brand in the industry for Alarms and Remote Starts. Directed Electronics has been the leader for over a decade, bringing you the latest state of the art technologies and support. NO sales gimmick's here, these are out the door prices plus tax, that you end up paying when you leave the $149 + parts stores. The difference is we are up front, honest and solder ALL connections to ensure the proper communications last a life time. 





installed WITH parts

  • ​1200 foot range
  • ​Bypass included
  • ​One remote
  • ​Keyless entry ($15 extra)
  • ​Trunk release ($10 extra)
  • ​Smart Start Compatible (as low as $199 installed)
1& 2 WAy Models
1 mile range

Model  plus



installed WITH parts

  • ​1 mile range
  • ​Bypass included
  • ​1 confirming & 1 basic remote
  • ​Keyless entry
  • ​Smart Start Compatible (as low as $199 installed)
  • Additional features extra

Smart Start is a mobile app for your phone using data to transmit the signal. it can be stand alone or added to your favorite remote start or alarm/remote start for as low as $199.99 installed plus yearly service fee. Call for more details.