Marine Audio

Upgrade your sound from the generic factory system to something that will turn heads. We install only the best products and our installation techniques guarantee that you'll have a long lasting, rock-solid system. All wiring is marine grade tinned cooper or OFC wire and we use marine grade birch with a waterproof coating on enclosures for the extra security. All labor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Audio ​Installations by Kaotik Kustomz

2016 Moomba Craz with a Custom Wet Sounds and Arc Audio combo and matching custom wrapped equiptment. Boasting custom mounted Rev8’s in the factory location. Wet Sounds 6-XS65i speakers, SS10 in a custom enclosure, WS420SQ for complete zone control. Powered by Arc Audio XDi amplifiers.

​​2016 Moomba Craz custom install and tint

​Arc Audio XDi series amplifiers in a 2016 Moomba Craz

​Wet Sounds Rev8’s installed on a 2016 Moomba Craz in the factory location with modified brackets

2012 Axis A22 with a Sony head unit, Wet Sounds WS420SQ, 6-XS650RGB, RGB rings, XS12 in a custom built enclosure, SD6, SYN4, 2-Rev485’s.

​2012 Axis A22 with Wet Sounds XS650RGB speakers and RGB speaker rings

​2012 Axis A22 with XS650RGB and RGB rings

​Wet sounds XS12 installed in custom enclosure in a Axis A22

​2014 Centurion FX44 with RAMFILL and CATs!!! Here we have a FULL Wet Sounds system CUSTOM installed in this beautiful machine. The tower holds two pair of Rev10’s, a XXX 12″ subwoofer, 6-XS650’s, WS420SQ, TWO SynDX4’s running the tower, SD2 running the XXX and a SYN4 hammering the interior speakers.

​Custom install and build on this Centurion FX44 under dash. houses a WS420SQ and a XXX 12″ woofer

​Wet Sounds Rev10’s installed on a 2014 Centurion FX44

​Wet Sounds XS650 with the blue LED rings in a Centurion FX44

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